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Cultural meetings


Ismo always wants to keep an open window on the world not to loose sight of other knowledge and perspective to connect to its own specific skills.

In this spirit "Lavori in Corso" started. It,s s a series of meetings organised around issues, themes, signals, concernes which are present in the contest of our work.
The purpose is to converse in a simple and appilyng way, with relevant voices of our times (writers, intellecutals, university professors, artists) around significant metaphores of our current reality.

The permanent seminar "Lavoro e Sviluppo" ,in partnership with foundation "Giulio Pastore" has the essential aim to analyse the complex and delicate historical juncture which the country is experiencing and the factor for its future development. Together with ISMO and Fondazione Pastore other promoters are some trade unions, human resocurces associations ( AIDP, AIRU).

 Conferences and seminares on issues of particular importance and relevance around work related problems.
Shold you be interesting in getting further information about our meetings, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


you can watch "Lavori in Corso" meetings on you tube channel of ISMO.