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About ISMO

ISMO was founded in 1972. For more than 40 years our professionals have developed skills in dealing with the challenge of personal, social, organizational and institutional transformation.

ISMO focuses on people trying to integrate both the anthropological and the functional, economic, operational, technological dimension at work and within organizations, so that institutions can pursue their changes with the energy, motivations, aspirations, creativity of those who inhabit, act, interpret.
To achieve these objectives, ISMO uses an integrated set of skills and methodologies providing customers with a wide range of services for organizational development and people issues.


Through the acquisition of the brand RIESCO, in 2007, ISMO broadens its offering to a range of innovative services for education, communication and motivation of human resources, by using outdoor and experiential methodologies within large events and convention.

In 2008 ISMO acquires SIMKI, which brings 20 years of experience in HR consulting and Temporary Management, personnel recruitment and selection and professional training.

Today ISMO is a training and consulting company, with a leading role in the Italian context and with international attitude, focused on valuing people in order to help organizations achieve their objectives